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How to grow your hair with Exosomes!

Exosomes are becoming an extremely hot topic in the area of regenerative medicine and in particular for hair. Think of Exosomes as kinda of like envelopes that cells send back forth to each other. Each cell can fill up the envelope with a variety of messages and material to direct the cells on how to act. In most cases, growth centers are attempting to be unregulated which can be important in such areas; such as hair!

What exactly are Exosomes?

Exosomes are released by cells when they fuse together. They contain a variety of material including RNA to other proteins and help influence cell behavior. There are currently over 95 clinical trials studying the effects of Exosomes. Exosomes are most relevant when they are derived from stem cells, as these signals would potentially have more potent “stem cell” like effects.

Medical evidence regarding Exosomes and hair.

There are a variety of conditions regarding Exosomes and they are currently being examined for us in plastic surgery, hair loss, and hair transplantation

Current studies examining Exosomes include a study in “Journal of Experimental Dermatology” in March 2019 by Kwack MH where dermal papilla exosomes were found to promote hair growth and hair generation by increasing activity of hair dermal cells. Another study in Front Immunology by Zoller M found that autoimmune alopecia areata a type of baldness could be treated by Exosomes. An additional study by Zhou in Biochem Biophys Res Commun found that dermal papilla cell exosomes were found to be a potential avenue for treatment for hair loss as well. An additional study found that hair derived keratin exosomes as well as a small drug termed UK5099 could promote hair growth in mice.

While evidence in mice and basic science looks intriguing, evidence that Exosomes work is mostly anecdotal at this point. The preliminary evidence at this point from discussions with other doctors and leading edge physicians seem to be exciting and just as important as stem cell research at this point.

How will Exosomes work?

Hair follicles have mature stem cells call hair follicular stem cells called HFSCs and dermal papilla cells (DPCs). Alopecia or hair loss involves changes to the two types of hair loss. Injections of Exosomes have been found to accelerate hair to return to the anlagen phase or growing phase. Interestingly, the surrounding tissue can influence hair cells as well- fat surrounding hair tends to support hair growth.

Our approach to Exosomes:

Our approach to Exosomes is to utilize Exosomes to facilitate hair growth and attempt to reverse minaturization of dormant hair by stimulating the DPCs and the HFSCs. Dr. Chughtai is an expert in regenerative medicine and utilizes Exosomes and other growth factors to help stimulate hair. We utilize Exosomes in some of our hair transplant procedures and as a stand-alone procedure. Our early results are promising and showing more potential than other regenerative procedures including PRP.

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