ARTAS Hair Studio and ARTAS App

Are you or someone you know interested in hair restoration in Chicago?

ARTAS hair studio is used exclusively by ARTAS physicians such as Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. Sameea Chughtai. The state-of-the-art technology in Chicago allows patients understand how different amounts of hair grafts translate to their final results. The ARTAS hair studio is a 3D based software, that turns your photographs into a multi-dimensional mold of your head.

The Process Of Your ARTAS Hair Studio Consultation

Our doctors at Aesthetic Scalp will take photos of you to design a customized hair pattern and illustrate aesthetic options. You will see how hair placement will look on your hair and then previewed and explained by Dr. Shah or Dr. Sameea. This preview technology allows for patients to understand where the hair follicles will be placed using the most advanced technology, The ARTAS Robot.

ARTAS Hair app

You can do this at home as well! It’s super simple: With your smart phone take several pictures of your face (Straight on, the top of your head, a profile shot) and upload them using the ARTAS app. Based on your pictures, Dr. Shah and/or Chughtai will create a customized 3D plan of your hair and have them emailed back to you!!

Surprisingly the modeling is fairly realistic taking into account hair color, curl, direction, etc. For more information on the app find it here:

Get started now by downloading the Artas app.


If I don’t live in Chicago can I have a virtual consult with Dr. Shah or Chughtai?

Yes, using the app has made virtual consults even easier than ever. This allows for patients to have as much information as possible in their decision making process.

Does the app take into account growth factors or PRP?

No, the app is purely designed to simulate hair growth from hair graft placement and take.

Does the ARTAS studio guarantee a result?

Surgery is an art and every patient’s result is not guaranteed nor should this be implied from the previewing result.

Do all ARTAS physicians have ARTAS hair studio?

Physicians with the 9x upgrade have this addition to their ARTAS.

Is there a charge for a virtual consultation with Dr. Shah or Chughtai?

Currently we do not charge patients a consultation fee.

Are all ARTAS physicians the same?

No there are differences amongst physicians. Look for a physician with the latest upgrade in the ARTAS (currently 9x) as well as one using leading edge techniques such as regenerative medicine.