Comparing The Differences Between Hair Loss in Men and Women

Hair loss in Men and Women

Hair loss is something that both men and women face in Chicago, IL. Whether because of a medical condition, aging, or a hormonal imbalance, hair loss and hair thinning can make our patients feel self-conscious. At Aesthetic Scalp, Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. Sameea Chughtai can decide if an FUE hair transplant or other treatments will help restore hair growth for you. If you have pattern baldness, a thinning hairline, or crown hair loss, schedule a consultation with our team to discuss male and female hair loss.

How does hair restoration in Chicago work?

At Aesthetic Scalp, our Chicago, IL team treats different hair loss situations, including male pattern hair loss, genetic hair loss, Asian hair loss, and Indian hair loss. With a variety of treatment options, our team can help a patient decide when they’re ready to get a hair transplant. While we do offer nonsurgical treatments, including low-level light therapy, PRP treatment, and exosome therapy, we often suggest that men or women who are starting to bald consider surgical hair restoration.

We use the cutting-edge ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant system to perform the follicular unit extraction (FUE). This allows us to take healthy hairs from your scalp and transfer them to other areas of the head that need regrowth. Using this robotic FUE transplant system, we can offer this beneficial hair regrowth with no scarring, a fast recovery time, custom results, and long-lasting results.

Early signs of hair loss in men

Male-pattern baldness can be easily recognized when the hair is visibly thinning throughout the scalp. Some signs that may indicate that you're experiencing the early phases of hair loss include:

  • Changes with your hairline

  • Patchy areas of baldness

  • Gradual hair thinning on top of the scalp

  • Hair that is becoming looser

  • Larger clumps of hair coming out when brushing

Causes of hair loss in women

Since balding is common for men, the cause can be much clearer for them. However, for women, hair loss can be caused by many different conditions and situations, including traction alopecia, hormone deficiency, pregnancy, menopause, or a medical condition. During a consultation, Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai will assess the state of your scalp with advanced technologies to learn the extent of your hair loss, the depth of your follicles, and estimate the amount of hair present in different areas of your scalp.

Candidates for hair loss treatment

To determine if you’re a candidate for hair restoration treatments, you will have a consultation with Dr. Chughtai who specializes in treatment for male and female pattern baldness. At Aesthetic Scalp, we understand the differences between hair loss in males and females. This means we can recommend the best treatment for each patient, depending on the cause of their hair loss and not just their gender.

Those who are most likely to benefit from restorative hair solutions are those who:

  • Have noticed a receding hairline or hair thinning, usually caused by traction alopecia

  • Have alopecia marginalis

  • Notice thinning at the hairline

  • Have bald spots

  • Have hairline recession

  • Suffered hair loss as a result of an injury, including burns, scars, or compound burns

Our team can perform FUE treatments using the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant system, which takes healthy hairs on the scalp from their original location to fill in sparse regions, including bald patches or at the hairline.

Learn more about a hair transplant near me

Whether you’re male or female, if you’re experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, you may be a great candidate for an FUE hair transplant at Aesthetic Scalp in Chicago, IL. Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. Sameea Chughtai offer ARTAS Robotic hair restoration to help promote hair regrowth. For more information on this beneficial treatment, contact our office to schedule a consultation.