Did Joe Biden Have a Hair Transplant?


Photoshop rendition of a bald Joe Biden 


Once in a while, in the world of aesthetics, a person becomes heavily indulged in the public eye, and we get to analyze every aspect of that person. Sometimes, it’s a person that has been in a controversy, maybe they’re making a comeback, or maybe they’re running for political office. 

Today we are talking about a person who is all three: former United States Vice President, Joe Biden. Biden is running to be the Democratic nominee in the upcoming 2020 Presidential election, and has recently started making his big campaign push. We are about to be seeing a lot more of Biden, so the questions stands: Has Joe Biden Had a Hair Transplant? 

One of the main concern for voters is his age. Biden will be 77 later this year but doesn’t look like it. In order to not appear like a 77 year old adult male, he has cleverly determined to use plastic surgery techniques to look like a younger man. 



Joe Biden showed signs of hair loss at a very early age. 

When he was younger, around his 40’s, Biden was a Senator from Delaware fresh into the political realm. Around this time Biden had apparent early stages of hair loss. His hair was thinning and his hairline was receding. Around this time it looks like Joe Biden had a hair transplant surgery. It’s really interesting that overall attractiveness of a candidate really effects their “electability”. Biden was clearly preparing for a long career in politics, so decided to get a hair transplant procedure during his early years in politics. He most likely received hair plugs, given the hair technology that was out at the time. Restoring your hair sure has come a long way! 

It should be noted that 70% of men at the age of 70 have advanced hair loss. A full head of hair is considered a more youthful look. The last bald president elected was 51 years ago when Dwight Eisenhower was elected. In our ever visual society, hair can be a determination of vitality, strength and success. Joe Biden and his campaign team have used this to help make him a more viable candidate. 

Joe Biden likely had his hair transplantation when he was younger, but patients in their 60’s and 70’s do seek transplantation with Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai for many of the same reasons that Joe Biden does. Many patients physically and mentally feel amazing, but their physical appearance may cause a lack in confidence. As we advance medicine and people are living longer, more youthful lives, our exterior selves sometimes need the occasional update to help align with our goals and true self. 

Note this post does not endorse or disparage Joe Biden and his candidacy for presidency but only comments on how important hair is to our appearance.