Did Lewis Hamilton Get a Hair Transplant?

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Did Lewis Hamilton Get a Hair Transplant?

Lewis Hamilton looks great! He has everything! Formula one victories, championships to display and spectacular hair. But, if you look at photographs of Lewis, you will notice his hairline has changed significantly over the years. Lewis has claimed in interviews that he has sought help and takes medications to help him achieve his hair goal.

Aesthetic Scalp’s Take:

While it's indisputable that Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, formula one racer of all time, I think he might have had a little more than medical therapy. Lewis had advanced hair loss for a few years and now does not. The only therapy that works to restore a hairline like that is… Hair transplantation. Medical therapy can save miniaturized hairs. These therapies consist of DHT blockers, topicals, and injectables such as PRP and exosomes. All of which we have at Aesthetic Scalp in Chicago, IL. These therapies are great for the top of the head and the crown and for miniaturized hairs. However, it is unlikely even these therapies could have restored his hair loss. A hair transplant is the secret weapon that men who are in the public eye or just want to look their best need to keep their edge.