Dr. Shah’s Hair Routine To Maintain Healthy Hair

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I update my hair routine from time to time and this is my current routine to keep my hair healthy:


I like removing sebum from my scalp with Nizoral. The second wash I use is Revitalash Shampoo followed by Revitalash Conditioner. This shampoo focuses on hair thickness rather than hair growth. Your hair will be thicker and fluffier than ever.


I enjoy Revitalash hair serum which has the same ingredient in their lash volumizer. It helps your hair get maximal thickness and helps with hair taking more space. The mystery ingredient is prostaglandins which work wonders in hair thickness but not hair growth.


I’ve been a big fan of microdosing of Propecia for a while and use it for my hair loss. A lot of controversy with propecia, but microdosing makes it less likely. Propecia is the proven modality in hair loss and is FDA approved for this purpose. It blocks DHT selectively for hair probably better than any other modality and this is the number one reason why men lose hair bar none!!!

Since some hair loss is stress related, I like using two Nutrafol to help combat stress related hair loss. It also helps with hair quality as well as targets DHT through saw palmetto. I love the sourcing of this product and although it seems expensive, if you buy everything separate with this kind of quality ingredients you would probably pay more or take at least 8 pills.


I love incorporating aesthetic light in my routines and LaserCap is one of them. I’ve been a fan of red light therapy as well as lower level laser therapy for a long time and it's proven to help reduce inflammation and encourage hair growth. Part of my wind down routine at night is to have some red lights on in my bedroom, and place lower level red light therapy on my head.


I have been doing more mini exosomes as a way of maintaining my hair as well. Mini-exosomes are a partial treatment and are much more affordable than the full treatment. Multiple PRP treatments have been shown to be much more effective than single therapy. Similarly we have found frequency of treatment is just as important if not more than dose. I like to do this at the end of the month.


I no longer do Rogaine. Although it is FDA approved, I don’t find it that effective. I consider it okay at best, but it has the side effect of making the hair greasy. I have not noticed any hair loss as well since I stopped.