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So I get this question a lot, and that is Exosomes versus PRP versus PRFM. What's the difference? How do they work? So we'll define this a little bit.


So PRP is platelet rich plasma - this comes from your own blood. That means we need to draw your blood. The blood is then spun down and we remove everything except for the platelets. Once the platelets are isolated we inject those platelets back into the area of concern which in this case is hair. Once that's injected you're going to see those platelets attract something called platelet growth factors and other growth factors to that area. The beauty of PRP is this is your own body, your own products and you don't have to worry about anything. The negative about this is it kind of hurts. I've had this done several times, I also don't love blood draws.

Sometimes it's not the easiest thing to get that blood drawn. And finally, there is some debate about how long PRP stays in your localized area of treatment. So you're injecting platelets there- what's to make the platelets stay there for longer than 24 hours or a few minutes? Some people speculate it stays there for 72 hours while some people think it stays there for 24 hours and some people think it stays there for just a few minutes. Overall, I think the effects of PRP are there but patients often need more sessions than they think. You're not going to see a result with one session of PRP. For most men you're going to need at least five sessions of PRP and for most women at least three. I think five is a better number though in general.


The other treatment we're talking about are exosomes. Exosomes are an amazing treatment for hair and hair loss. What are exosomes? They are basically these intercellular messages that communicate from one cell to another. Someone was smart enough to isolate these exosomes and figure out that hey, if we inject these exosomes and can send the message to the cells that we want and say, 'don't die, grow' then maybe we can get some nice effects and results. Exosomes in general, I think, are a marvelous treatment and a game changer when it comes to hair. I've been injected with exosomes multiple times and I think it basically saved my mid-scalp and my crown. I have not needed to go back and do further hair transplants and this is because I keep up with exosomes. Exosomes also do not hurt nearly as much as PRP, anytime you have a needle in the scalp it's surprisingly a little bit discomfort.

Also, with exosomes there's a numbing agent, at least the way we do it. It's just one of those things you have to consider, Hey, guess what? I'm gonna tell myself to live . Similarly to PRP- we don't know how long these exosomes stay in that area. The message seems to be getting delivered however because we see some amazing results - many performed by Dr.Sameea! 


And the final treatment we're going to discuss is PRFM. PRFM is basically a derivative of PRP but it's an activated version of PRP. So before it is injected they add a calcium matrix which kind of makes the PRP more of a fibers network. So it's called PFMN. The most common version of that is something called cell fill the thought process being this is gonna hang around longer than PRP

But I don't know if there's any evidence to support that. The beauty of PRFMS is it hurts a lot less but is a little more expensive than PRP. A nice treatment for hair loss and I think it's slightly more effective is exosomes so instead of say five sessions maybe just three or four and I think you can see some results with just one treatment and finally with three you will see a lot more growth. We have seen some marvelous results in our office with exosomes. We have also seen results and improvements with PRP and PRFM but those exosomes have the “wow” results!