Five Possible Side Effects of Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

Eyebrow Transplant

It’s not uncommon for patients to visit Aesthetic Scalp asking for help with their eyebrows. Eyebrows have been a highlight of today’s world, with the onset of microblading and other procedures that accentuate the brows. Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. Sameea Chughtai offer eyebrow transplant surgery to their patients in Chicago, IL. Eyebrows shield your eyes from moisture, help create expressions on your face, and accentuate your other facial features. They can significantly impact how you look. For patients who don’t want to deal with penciling in their eyebrows daily or with microblading touchups, we can offer this eyebrow rejuvenation procedure.

Who is an ideal candidate for eyebrow transplant surgery?

The best candidate for eyebrow transplant surgery in Chicago, IL is someone:

  • In good health with no underlying health conditions

  • With balding, thinning, or very little eyebrow hair

Eyebrow hair loss can be caused by thyroid disease, trichotillomania, and alopecia areata. Those who have had microblading in the past still qualify for this procedure at Aesthetic Scalp.

What are eyebrow transplants?

Much like a regular hair transplant, an eyebrow transplant is a long-lasting procedure where hair is taken from a donor site (usually the back of the head). The hair is then re-harvested using the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique, where individual hairs are used to create the patient’s dream brow.

How we perform eyebrow transplant surgery

First, our doctors will map out your ideal eyebrow shape, one that suits your face. After we’ve mapped your eyebrow shape, we will extract the number of hairs needed for your procedure. This usually is around 100 – 300 per eyebrow, depending on hair loss, eyebrow shape, and facial features. Our doctors will determine the best amount to help you achieve your goals for your eyebrow rejuvenation procedure at Aesthetic Scalp. While the extraction time may be longer with this approach, the quality of the hairs is better.

Recovery tips

After an eyebrow transplant, it's important that you adhere to post-op instructions to ensure that your recovery is effective and the hair transplant successful. Tiny scabs may appear for a few days after your procedure. Bruising, redness, and swelling are also common. However, they should subside with time. These small scabs will go away after about a week. Your transplanted hairs will fall out roughly 2 – 3 weeks as the follicles underneath make space for new, stronger hairs.

Eyebrow transplant side effects

Some possible eyebrow transplant side effects include:

  1. Bruising

  2. Swelling

  3. Nerve damage

  4. Excessive bleeding

  5. Eyebrow transplant scar

Before your surgery at your consultation, our doctors will discuss any potential side effects that may result. However, our patients rarely experience any at Aesthetic Scalp.

Learn about an eyebrow transplant near me in Chicago, IL

Hair loss can occur anywhere on the body, even your eyebrows. However, patients without eyebrow balding or thinning can still benefit from an eyebrow transplant. During your consultation with Dr. Anil Shah or Dr. Sameea Chughtai at Aesthetic Scalp, we can help you determine the best course of action to improve the look of your brows. Call our Chicago, IL office today to learn more about eyebrow transplant options.