How Soon Will I See Hair Growth After Hair Transplant?

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Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. Benjamin Paul discuss common questions that are asked regarding hair restoration treatments and procedures. They dive deep into the topic of how long it takes before seeing results after a hair transplant. Click on the video below to hear the discussion.

MASTERS OF BEAUTY - ALL THINGS HAIR w/ World Leading Hair Transplant Expert, Dr. Benjamin Paul

Dr. Shah

How soon afterwards are you seeing hairs grow for your patients and when should someone be worried with their hair? So if someone doesn't see her growth at three months, six months, when is your, your part where they should be worried?


Dr. Ben Paul:

So I think that visit in the first week to two is crucial because what I'm looking for is to see the follicle, the hair growing. And that gives me reassurance that things are sort on long track. At three months, I tell patients there should be no result. Like, you should basically wonder why we did this. And really a four months kind of the same. At five, six months, you're going to say, “This worked.” And then in the back of your mind, you're going to say, “I wish there was more.” and that's human psychology and that's okay to think that way, but that's the normal path. And then over seven, eight months, you should be like really starting to get a sense that you have a result. And then the thing is though at eight months, even though you're sure it's working, you're not seeing the final result because there's a maturation of the hair being made that occurs in the second half. So, between months nine and 18. In terms of when to worry, I try to tell patients not to worry. We're here for you. We're going to, we're going to make it right in whatever way we need to. And if you're not seeing any growth at the seven month mark, that would be questionable. There are times where patients grow for five months and then it sheds and they have late shock loss. And that's not in the textbooks, but I've definitely seen it. And it just like disappears at five, six, seven, eight months. And it shows up at nine months. So you have to kind of look at the whole trend of what's been going on. It's a long process.


Dr. Shah:

It's always about patients and handholding. I think we want instant results and I think the message a lot of our patients is if you want to see something, you should be doing this sooner rather than later, because you're not going to see results. And most of our patients, it's going to be at least you know, it's a year to 14 months before you start getting close to that, you know, can be really going on here.


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