FUT: The Importance of Being A Facial Plastic Surgeon For Hair Transplant

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Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. Benjamin Paul discuss common questions that are asked regarding hair restoration treatments and procedures. They dive deep into the importance of seeing a facial plastic surgeon when getting a hair transplant. Click on the video below to hear the discussion.

MASTERS OF BEAUTY - ALL THINGS HAIR w/ World Leading Hair Transplant Expert, Dr. Benjamin Paul

Dr. Shah

Let's talk about the facial plastic surgeon background for hair transplants because yeah. And I think that's probably understated because there's a lot of different types of doctors who do heart transplants surgeries. And I want to ask you a question. We're gonna let the audience know a little bit about FUT for those who don't know is strip surgery. It's gotten a little bit of a bad rap over the last probably even 10, 15 years. Do you think that's because less qualified people are doing this and leaving unsightly scars? Do you think there's a place for FUT and FUE? What are your thoughts on that?


Dr. Ben Paul

I completely think that FUT is considered, in my eyes, the gold standard of hair transplant, the quality of the grafts that you can extract are unparalleled. And the incision line when closed by a surgeon is different than when it's closed by somebody who hasn't learned every layer of the scalp and learned how to put deep stitches in and really get meticulous, gorgeous closure.


Dr. Shah

And even beyond that, not just a surgeon, a plastic surgeon. And not just a plastic surgeon, a facial plastic surgeon, someone who specializes in that. Yeah, I agree.


Dr. Ben Paul

And I can tell you, you know, I went to a whole bunch of different offices when I was in training trying to learn hair. And I was really shocked by how few of the surgeons were putting stitches in the deeper layers to act as an internal scaffold. And in every single case, I'm putting in stitches that last for four to six months, PDS stitches to help support that closure. So it doesn't widen.


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