Learn More about Asian Hair Loss

Asian Hair Loss

cpecifically for Asian patients the Asian hair transplant is considered one of the hardest transplants for surgeons. The unique characteristics of the Asian scalp, dark hair color and straight follicle shape make it difficult for Asians to successfully receive natural looking results. Use of the finest hairs from the hairline and proper angling is the proper technique used to see positive results.


How is typical Asian hair?

Asian hair is typically straight and black but there can be other variations.

Does the ARTAS robotic system work for Asian hair?

The ARTAS was FDA approved for straight black hair making patients with Asian hair ideal candidates.

How common is baldness in the Asian male population?

Asian hair loss is three times less common than in Caucasians. Recently Asian hair loss has increased which may be in part due to lifestyles and Western diet.

How common is hair loss in the Asian female population?

Hair thinning is extraordinarily common for females who are Asian, and found thinning to be more common than Caucasians. Female patients often do best with a full metabolic workup and can respond to a variety of surgical and nonsurgical methods.

Do Asian patients have the same pattern of hair loss as non-Asians?

Men typically have a similar pattern of androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Women’s hair loss is multifactorial and some genetic and dietary causes of hair loss unique to women can be investigated.