The ARTAS 9X Upgrade at Aesthetic Scalp

The latest upgrade from ARTAS is the 9x upgrade. This takes an already great technological equipment and makes it even better. Currently, there are only select centers with the 9x upgrade. The 9x upgrade will lead to the following advancements:

  • Automatic Scar Detection- Allows for the robot to avoid these areas and prevent over harvesting
  • Fine needle harvesting- The use of fine gauges is possible and allows for hairs to be removed from an even smaller incision than before. This allows for customization of the procedure depending on hair type.
  • ARTAS hair studio- Allows for 3D planning of the hair procedure so patients can actually preview the results
  • Newer arm- This allows for increased patient comforting and makes the procedure even shorter than before.
  • Assisted Force Drag- This allows for the patient positioning of the robot to be minimized.
  • New LED camera system- Allows for even more precision and accuracy of the system
  • Recipient Blade Holder- A blade holder or needle holder can be used to make recipient sites.

The 9x upgrade was release in April 2017 and only a select number of centers have this latest upgrade. The overall result has been a faster, more efficient experience for patients using smaller harvesting incisions. The differences bring an already great experience at a whole different level.