Top 5 Reasons Your Hair Transplant Procedure Didn't Work

Many patients who receive a hair transplant get mediocre results. While results will vary from provider to provider, let’s talk about the top 5 reasons why hair transplants fail:

  1. High T-rate: And no... We are not talking about testosterone, but transections. What is a transection? A transection is when you harvest a hair follicle but the follicle is already damaged. Imagine if each hair was a tree and the bulb of the hair is the root system. If you damage the roots of a tree, it will not live. The same goes for hair.

    The problem is that when you hand hold harvest, your T-rate will rise significantly. Why does this occur? First of all, the magnification of most loupes is 4-7x while the artas sees at 12.5x which is actually MUCH better and twice as good (long boring physics explanation if you want to email us). Also, harvesting hair requires the hair to be placed under tension with a spinning device set to remove the surrounding tissue accounting for the angle of removal. If that sounds hard, it is. Even the BEST in the world will have a T-rate of greater than 25%. We have found our T-rate to be lower than 5% for most patients and in reality MUCH MUCH lower for most. Dr. Shah’s T-rate was 1 hair out of 1000 for his own transplantation (NO ONE is getting that rate of success by simple handheld FUE). Long story short, use a highly sophisticated AI enabled robot which allows for consistent results or take your chances.
  2. Failure to reduce scalp: Wait, what? You're supposed to put hairs in the head. Why do you want to reduce the scalp? Because when you transplant hairs, you are simultaneously taking the surrounding skin with the hairs as well. This can cause the hair to look less significant than your number of grafts. Dr. Shah uses a proprietary system to reduce your scalp when he does a hair transplant. How does it work? Well, you can’t just lay the hair back on the head for it to grow. You need to make an entry point. Most use a needle and place the hair back. Dr. Shah does this too BUT he also makes a larger site which allows for a small amount of scalp to be removed.

    Who cares about scalp? Well if you’re reading this, YOU do. Here’s why - you are trying to balance the number of hairs while preventing the amount of see through to your scalp. If you have less scalp, less hairs can work. Does anyone else do this technique? Not that we know of!!
  3. Poor handling of grafts.
  4. Poor maintenance techniques of existing hairs.
  5. You went to a factory instead of a doctor’s office. Many hair offices are corporate establishments which seek to maximize your revenue.