Postpartum Hair Loss

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So, we’re getting a lot of questions about Olivia Munn and her postpartum hair loss. So Olivia Munn recently had a beautiful baby and is now experiencing hair loss. Postpartum hair loss is extremely common. And in fact, it's the norm. My wife, Dr. Sameea has had three kids with me and each time she's experienced some hair loss. So what can women do about postpartum hair loss? So first of all, know that this is a natural hormonal issue and your hair is going to come back according to Dr. Sameea, who is our women’s hair loss expert as well as our men's expert. She thinks that the hair doesn't actually come back exactly the same, but it does come back. Treating the hair with nutriceuticals is valuable, but you have to make sure these nutriceuticals will work with your body and work with you during breastfeeding.

So make sure you're getting plugged in with someone who can guide do during that process, if you're still experiencing hair loss after you're done with breastfeeding. And it's still causing some concern. Some of the injectable treatments are helpful, including exosomes and P R P, and they can help women's hair kind of come back and get back to its vibrancy. Pregnancy can be very taxing on the body and all that energy that's being put to, to creating and making this child can take away from your hair. But with most patients it's gonna come back on its own. And with some patients, they need a little bit of TLC and push in direction to get their hair to do with, they wanted to do.