When Can I Get Another Transplant Following My Previous Transplant?

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Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. Benjamin Paul discuss common questions that are asked regarding hair restoration treatments and procedures. They dive deep into the topic of how long a patient must wait to get another hair transplant. Click on the video below to hear the discussion.

MASTERS OF BEAUTY - ALL THINGS HAIR w/ World Leading Hair Transplant Expert, Dr. Benjamin Paul

Dr. Shah

A lot of our patients when they do hair, a certain number of them want to do more hair. Or they say, “I'm going to put more in here after I've done one session.” How many of your patients do more hair? And when is it safe to do another hair transplant?


Dr. Ben Paul:

I like patients to wait at least eight or nine months. Ideally, one year. The longer they wait, I'm happy. But I don't want to rush it because I want to see what grows. I don't want to disturb the growth of a follicle that's hiding under the skin before it's come out. What about for you?


Dr. Shah:

I like to wait at least a year because I don't want to disrupt these roots that have been planted that are coming out. And yeah. How about you


Dr. Ben Paul:

Planting in February and then in terms of, if they just keep wanting more and more. I mean, there's a theoretical limit for everybody because you only have every hair that's taken out during a hair transplant, isn't going to grow back. So at the end of a hair transplant, patients don't have more hair, they have distributed better. And so we kind of talk about where you are now, what are the aesthetic goals and what does the future hold and then work together to find what the best answer is.


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