Why Are My Grafts Shedding?

I’ve heard that the most common post-hair transplant question is, ‘Why are my grafts shedding?”

Which is followed by a hyper-overdrive of anxiety and well… more shedding. Graft shedding is normal. However, an abundance of graft shedding is not a positive sign that the procedure was entirely successful. There are a multitude of factors that can enable graft shedding, but it’s hard to pinpoint if it was a procedural flaw. Or if the scalp environment just didn’t take it.

We’ve covered our ground with Aesthetic Scalp to ensure that the graft shedding is at it’s all time low.

The first proponent that we’ve tackled is the procedural success. Our ARTAS robot is designed to select anagen-phase follicles that are likely to grow as soon as they’re implanted. Even the most skilled surgeon in the world cannot visibly select the best hairs for transplant. If they could, think of how many hours it would take for one procedure!

Which brings us to the second proponent, the scalp environment.

Our procedure candidates come with varied degrees of scalp viability, all with different levels of hormones, vitamin-cofactors, and growth factors. When it comes to these ‘once in a lifetime’ procedures; we don’t like to take risks with who’s scalp is going to best grow the implanted grafts. So we designed our “Hair Grow 9X” Solution Spray that supplements the growth environment. The spray is designed with specific growth factors that not only aid implantation of the follicle, but also increase scalp blood flow for increased growth. We instruct our patients to be diligent with the product, starting use around 48 hours after surgery, and spraying the scalp hourly until the bottle is finished. Since we’ve provided the solution spray to our ARTAS patients, we’ve seen expedited hair growth and increased graft survival, thus producing successful procedures, and most importantly, stress-free patients!

Here at Aesthetic Scalp, we want to make sure that once we transplant your hair, it will grow and you will see results.

Each of our hair patients goes home with our “Hair Grow 9X” solution. This solution spray has important healing and graft survival properties that is a key component in the recovery of the hair restoration surgery. The Hair Grow 9X spray should be used for 7 days during the post op period to ensure maximum survival of grafts.

Hair Grow 9x has several benefits for the growth of the new grafts.

The solution ution contains growth factors that help the follicles stay viable during the post transplant period. Shedding of the grafts can often occur after the procedure, but shedding is diminished with the growth factors. It also increases scalp blood flow to the area being treated.

We provide the Hair Grow 9X solution to all patients undergoing Artas hair transplant surgery to start use in the first 48 hours after surgery. We feel that it significantly helps increase the survival rate of grafts and expedites the healing process for the most effective hair transplant recovery.