X-Marks the Spot: Mini X Exosomes Treatment Now At Aesthetic Scalp

One of the hottest treatments in hair restoration today is exosomes. This type of regenerative medicine is similar to a PRP treatment in terms of stimulating the growth of hair follicles, but beneficial for patients who wish to have their own blood drawn. Patients, however, may not need a full exosomes treatment due to only needing a small area to be treated. That is why Aesthetic Scalp in Chicago, IL is proud to introduce the Mini X Exosomes Treatment.

What Is The Mini X Exosomes Treatment?

While not the latest car from Tesla, the Mini-X is an innovative approach to injecting exosomes. We focus on targeted areas, such as the crown, using a smaller portion of exosomes. This benefits our patients in many different ways. One, our Mini-X approach makes it more comfortable for our patients instead of doing one massive dose at all at once. This allows our patients to come in once a week or once a month for their treatment. Also, this approach makes it much more affordable than a full exosomes treatment.

Is The Mini X Exosomes Treatment Right For Me?

If you have thinning hair, for both men and women, or noticing that hair miniaturization after a hair transplant, the Mini X Exosomes Treatment could be right for you. Aesthetic Scalp’s expert physicians, Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. Sameea Chughtai, will help you plan the right path and help restore your hair!

To book your appointment for The Mini X Exosomes Treatment, schedule a consultation, or if you have any other questions about restoring your hair, click here!