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Dr. Anil Shah and his wife, Dr. Sameea Chughtai were featured on WGN for their revolutionary approach to hair restoration. Aesthetic Scalp combines the latest in technology in the form of the ARTAS 9X Hair Restoration Robot and the use of the best in regenerative medicines to help grow hair for men and women.


Speaker 1: Hi I'm here with Chicago's hair restoration duo, Dr. Shah and Dr. Chughtai. Oh, you guys, this is fascinating stuff. Now, there's something called the Aesthetic Scalp. Tell me a little bit about that and what you guys do.

Dr. Shah: Yeah, so we're kind of unique. We have hair science and basically our practice is science that helps us treat hair and we treat all types of people, including men and women. And we have the latest techniques including regenerative medicine as well as robotics, the only hair restoration robotic on the market.

Speaker 1: Okay. Regenerative medicine. What? What is it?

Dr. Chughtai: We take platelet rich plasma, which is derived from a patient's own blood, and we've taken growth factors that we then inject back into the patient and it stimulates hair follicles to grow and to stay in the growing phase.

Speaker 1: So it's a more advanced transplanting of hair.

Dr. Shah: Yeah, so think of it almost like a our hair is like a field that's barren and the regenerative factors are like fertilizer, so you can actually get hairs that are dying to regrow. And when you're transplanting hairs, they'll actually come back more robust and luscious.

Speaker 1: Okay. This is interesting. You're having this done yourself?

Dr. Shah: Yeah. Actually on Friday I'm having a procedure done and what's going to happen is I, I'm going to try to recover from Friday to Monday. It's actually going to be live on our social media channels.

Speaker 1: In the past it has been much longer?

Dr. Shah: Yeah, in the past it used to be way much longer. There used to be a scar in the back. Patients were usually out between one to two weeks with swelling and things of that nature and limiting their hairstyles. And now with the advances in regenerative medicine and the recovery is much faster with advances in robotic techniques. Yeah, you're going to see all of that live on my social media channel.

Speaker 1: That was fantastic. And to find out more, we go to

Dr. Shah: is our website and our Instagram handle is @shahaesthetics.

Speaker 1: That sounds great. Thanks for being here.

Dr. Shah: Awesome. Thank you.

Speaker 1: Alright, we'll be back after a break.