Chicago, IL | HAIR REDESIGN: Proper Combing | Aesthetic Scalp

It has been four days since Dr. Shah's hair restoration procedure. In this video, Dr. Shah & Delia talk about the proper way to comb your hair after a hair restoration procedure.


Delia: When you're going to go ahead and comb the hair, you just want to be careful that you're lifting up the hair and you're not actually touching the grafted area just so that you don't dislodge any of the other grafts. Of course, you could go ahead and comb your hair whichever way if you want to be discreet, it's okay just as long as you don't touch the graft, that area. You're just lifting the hair up away from the scalp. We should always use a comb, not a brush, cause the brush, you really don't have too much control versus the comb you do. The comb lifts up the hair and you'd be able to go ahead and cover up the area. And right now it's a little bit visible only because the hair is wet, but once it dries, you won't be able to tell.