Chicago, IL | Hair Restoration with a Selphyl PRP Treatment | Aesthetic Scalp

Aging is something we can never avoid. For men, hair loss is a normal part of aging, but catching it early on can both help prevent the loss of more hair and maintain your confidence. I, for one, understand about taking action, which is why I am receiving a PRP treatment. A Sylphyl treatment is a special type of PRP that is leukocyte poor and RBC poor. This type of PRP will last longer in the system allowing for a greater outcome in growth and healing than other types PRP.


Dr. Shah: This is a Selphyl treatment, which is a type of PRP which lasts longer in your system. We harvested the bottle earlier. Now, the Selphyl has been prepared is a little bit different color than traditional PRP too cause you can see that it's really leukocyte poor and RBC poor, which means it's going to be what you want. And it tends to last in your system for about four to five weeks rather than, you know, 48 hours. But some of the types of PRP. So I'm going to do this without any numbing and we'll just go for it. Here we go.

Dr. Shah: All right, so we are actually finished with Selphyl. So we did a double kit. They're single and double kits. The advantage of the double kit is that you're going to get a little bit more covered. So if you're doing the whole head, it's a much better solution. We'll see how it goes. I've done a trichoscopy before so we can see how much hair we actually can get to grow through this. And then this is all setting me up for hair transplantation down the future. So that my hair has made me much more nourished. I've got a lot of microscopic hair, unfortunately, and miniaturized hair, so we'll see how we do.