Chicago, IL | The Use of Regenerative Medicine For Hair Restoration | Aesthetic Scalp

Regenerative medicine in use with hair restoration is astonishing. With use of PRP and growth factors, we have found that the chances of hair restoration not only has a heightened chance of surviving the initial transplantation but also that healing time is quickened. In tandem with the ARTAS 9x robot, hair restoration has come into new heights.


Dr. Shah: So we're talking about regenerative medicine and with regenerative medicine, we're using lots of things that are conventional. The conventional things would be like plasma and growth factors, and some of the things that we're using are kind of proprietary stuff that are used in other areas that we're just now introducing it to hair transplantation. And our early results have really been exciting. My area of expertise is in facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Chughtai: Mine is in regenerative medicine.

Dr. Shah: So by combining these two talents together, we're finding that we're getting not one plus one equals two, but one plus one equals three and four and we're getting not just the improvement in the take of our hair grafts, but we're also getting more hair follicle growth, more density, more caliber thickness.