Chicago, IL | Trichoscopy and Hairvention 2018 | Aesthetic Scalp

Dr. Chughtai describes what a trichoscopy, is and what its used for. A trichoscopy is a feature in "Hairvention 2018".


Dr. Chughtai: Hi Chughtai here today. And I wanted to talk to you about something fun we're going to be doing at our event on May 3rd from five to seven it's called hair invention. So we have a trichoscopy and it takes pictures of patients, hair follicles. So as you can see here, I have a patient pulled up. The area of concern shows thinning hair, whereas the back of the head shows good density of the hair. So this is a fun little tool that we use in the office just to compare patients' pictures before any treatment and after. So come join us on May 3rd from five to seven and we'll take pictures of your hair and we look forward to seeing you there.