Avoiding Scabbing and Crusting After A Hair Transplant

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So is there anything we can do to prevent scabbing and crusting from forming after a hair transplant procedure? In my opinion, it's pretty much a universal occurrence with most techniques. What I've tried to do to minimize scabbing and crusting is using super sharp surgical steel. This is going to minimize the trauma to the scalp, and it's going to hopefully form a cleaner cut so that when you're implanting the hair, there's less bleeding and less trauma. However, almost every patient's going to have some scabbing afterwards, this is your natural healing process. So to alleviate this scabbing, you're going to recommend spraying your hair with the special neutral, Tropic spray bottle, and then eventually soaking your head 10 days after the procedure. Most of the scabs go away fairly quickly, but we don't want to pull these scabs out as it can lead to more issues with healing and removing your newly implanted hairs.