Decreasing Discomfort with Nitrous Pt. 1

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So one of the innovative ways we work to decrease the amount of discomfort our patients can feel during hair transplant procedures is the use of nitrous. Nitrous is essentially an odorless colorless, non inflammable gas. And what it does is it's inhalation, which typically, which we use in our office is a 50/50 mix of oxygen. And nitrous will essentially create a sense of euphoria. That's how nitrous got its name as laughing gas. It is the least potent inhalational anesthetics. So a lot of the gases that make you fully asleep like CBO flooring and ISO flooring, they wouldn't work here. They'd be too irritating and just not the safest way of doing this, but this gas by itself is actually quite safe. And what it'll do is it'll provide a mild degree of sedation. It'll also help with pain. And the benefit of this is that it's going to decrease the amount of pain medications.

You're feeling for a procedure just as a hair transplant. Once you can pass the numbing component of this, and I've had two hair transplant procedures done, once you get past the pain associated with the numbing in the lidocaine, your head should feel pretty numb. And the beauty of this is we just have to get a few moments of pain relief. So I like this for a lot of our patients who want to drive, were worried about the toxic effects of opioids and other effects who don't want to be affected with their neurocognitive function. So it's a nice property and you can use this with those other properties as well with other medications as well. So nitrous is a nice procedure that we offer. And I'm a big fan of this for our patients who want less pain and less side effects.