Do I Allow Patients To Draw Their Own Hairline?

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The question is, do I allow my patients to draw their own hairlines? And this is a difficult question because I draw the hairline initially, but what's really important for me is I want patients to give me their feedback on what they'd like. Here's such a deeply personal individual issue. Some patients may want more of a widow's peak. They might want more of a squared look, less temple, less rounded. And so for me, my job is to find out what's safe for the hair, what I think I like that looks best. But more importantly, I want to make sure that the patients are able to kind of communicate what they want. Tell me what they're looking for. And then we can kind of go back and forth there. This is super critical to determine what patients are going to get the best result. And so we'll go back and forth, but ultimately I'm going to make sure what we do is safe. Of course they want my artistic input. We're going to do this both in a mirror fashion, as well as looking at a video when I'll show them what their hair looks like in different vantage points. So they can see what their hair is going to look like. Super important part of this process and something I do on each and every one of my patients.