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Many patients ask me, what is the difference between FUE an d FUT and is there even a role for FUT or linear scar hair transplantation? And I think FUT and FUE have a role in hair transplantation. It's more about what your goals are as a patient and what type of hair you have. So let's get to the basics. FUT is essentially a linear scar where a small scar is made in the back of your head in a linear fashion to harvest out a strip of hairs. This was the most popular procedure and has the best grafts possible because you're harvestinghairs intact. Do you know about it? FUE is where you remove each hair graft individually, and depending on which type of technique and device you used can provide a comparable level of hair graft as an FUT. So which one do you use for which patient? 

So, if you wear longer hair and you know, you're always going to burn longer hair and that's longer than a one guard or two guard. I think you should consider it at least as an option. If you think you're going to go shorter with the one guard in the back of your hair or shave your head, or you just don't want the idea of having your hair style, flexibility limited, you definitely should consider FUE. In my patient practice, most of my women and my older men, who've had the same hairstyle for many years, which is longer tend to go with FUT. My younger patients and patients who are more hairstyle conscious, tend to go with FUE. Both are reasonable options, but you just have to know what you're expecting.