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This is kind of a just a mini podcast about knowing what you're getting. I think with hair, this is kind of a big deal. A lot of our patients come to the office already having done their own research. They want to know more about hair and they don't know exactly what they're gonna get. What we aim to do is deliver on what we discussed in detail about the procedure. It sounds like an easy proposition for most hair cases, depending on where you go. This is more common when you go to a chain-type situation with billboards. You may meet with the doctor, you may not. The doctor may or may not be involved in your case. Chain-like hair restoration may be off to a very limited degree. For me, I don't know if I'd want that experience as a patient.

I definitely would want someone really involved in the planning, the execution, that component of it. For our practice, we involve two physicians as such two, me and Dr. Sameea. The reason for this - care is so involved. You need two people involved with this type of procedure. I do most of the hairline drawing except for eyebrows. I do a lot of the hair harvesting component and Dr. Sameea does a lot of the site creation that I make. We go back and forth, but that's really her forte, we're interchangeable at almost everything. Except for the FUT harvesting component in which I'm strictly doing that because I'm really particular about my scars. Back to caring about what you do, not that chains don't do good work, but I don't know how I can't answer that question.

You don't know if they actually care, they're gonna put a lot of money towards marketing, a lot of money towards, making that person feel they are getting this or that. For us, I don't know if we really put any money towards marketing, especially marketing towards hair. That component of it is, it's rather, it's a word of mouth, but we definitely care about what we're doing. You're gonna meet me, my wife, Dr. Sameea, and our team. It's important to know that we're the ones taking care of you. It's not gonna be random people who are hired, behind this elaborate marketing team. Whichever system or chain you're using, so I think that's important to know what you're getting.

We like the Artist IX because of results. Overall, there is some accountability for us. You can actually see the numbers of harvested hairs what's going on, it's a much more objective experience. Sometimes you go to these places and they say "we're gonna cut your hairs, make more hairs". That's not really making more hairs you're splitting my graphs. You're actually ripping me off. So why have that? What we want to know is how many graphs were harvested, how many numbers were grafted. So we have all that kind of measured, determined, and that patients can get theoretically the best results possible. Compared to them not really understanding what they received the day of procedure.