How I maintain my hair in my daily routine?

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My daily hair maintenance routine revealed. Okay. So we're talking about my current hair maintenance routine. This is Dr. Anil Shah of aesthetic scalp husband of Dr. Sameea. And I'm talking about what I do every day to keep my hair intact as much as I can. So when you're talking about maintenance of hair does a few things you can do. One of the things I like to do, I start off my day with is a part of a finasteride tablet. What I do personally is I have a five milligram tablet and I, I basically break this off on a countertop and I'm roughly taking between 0.2 to 0.6 milligrams. Every day of that, I take that once a day Finasteride is in your bloodstream for about 24 hours. I think this is safer than the surgeries you get with every other day or every third day.

And it kind of keeps you much more homeostatic. You're not going to have these swings with it, and it's going to kind of keep your DHT levels at bay and you're going to have less sexual side effects. So for me, that works great. I minimize my side effects and maximize my hair, which is what I love, the second thing I'd like to do every day. And this is what I try to do probably most days. But sometimes it's every other day and that's going to be how I take care of my hair as far as shampooing it. I like a combination of Nizoral shampoo, which is an anti-fungal shampoo. There's pretty strong anecdotal evidence that Nizoral has some impact on improving your hair quality. I do typically a single, sometimes a double wash. What this does is remove the oil.

If you've ever looked at hair with a hair microscope, what you'll notice is there's little yellow, little, little dots that are kind of indicative of androgenic alopecia, and this is actually tracked oil and trapped sebum in the scalp. So we don't know why that happens for sure. But what we're thinking is that there is some relationship between the amount of sebum you have in your scalp. And what Nizoral does is it can help kind of eliminate inflammation as well as kind of get rid of some that trapped sebum. The second thing I like for my scalp is I've used the lash hair product line. Now this isn't actually for hair growth, what this is going to be, this is going to be for hair thickness. And this is a very different thing. UI, you know, I get really concentrated on growth and am I growing back to my hair's McCormick, my hairs, but it's kind of not,uas big of a deal if you have thicker hair.

So the provider last line is it works similar to how the Revitalash lash line works and their secret ingredient is prostaglandins with the shampoo conditioner. And there's also something called a hair serum. What it's going to do is going to make your hair thicker and fluffier is going to take up much more volume. I see this in patients, the lashes all the time and in my own hair, if I want my hair looking at its fluffiest and thickest, I'm going to use the provider lash. The next thing I do is I use a laser cap probably 10 minutes a day. I find that for me red light therapy seems to help kind of bring my body back down, get rid of inflammation and putting red light therapy on my hair where a lot of my stress and on my inflammation kind of settles is important.

So I try to do this at the end of the day when I'm kind of winding down at night in my nighttime medication routine, I take one Nutrafol. And the reason I take Nutrafol is that in most men hair loss is going to be about an 85% DHT component and about a 15% other. And the biggest contribution in other, for most of us is going to be stress within Nutrafol. It is the best source nutraceutical, at least that I can find in 2021. And it's a little bit pricier. You want me to give a little bit of a pricing break on our for our hair patients, but, but it is so well-sourced, and I've literally talked to the founder Roland Peralta, and he, you know, that every product that they're getting is going to be from the highest possible level of source.

And you're going to be happy when you're getting something that actually works versus buying some random product from Amazon where you don't know what you're actually getting. The saw Palmetto is from a very specific plantation in, in, in the us where they're, where they're getting that from. There's also the ashwagandha, which is going to help with stress and the tumeric. It also has you know, the Marine complex. So there's a bunch of things, and this is a whole nother topic on why it's going to help your hair become its most vibrant. It helped with the stress related component of it, stressed here looks different than non-stressed hair stressed hair tends to be fringier tends to be, you know, kind of, not quite as straight, not quite as thick and kind of can appear damage.

So there is a component to this. And so if you're getting the Nutrafol, you're going to help with that. If you're undergoing a lot of stress, you might want to double up triple up or take it the recommended dose, which is all four pills. So this is my hair routine. I do this on a daily basis. Highly recommend that if you're looking to maintain your hair, you develop a hair routine, which we do with our patients and see what is right for you. Obviously, if you're a female patient if you're a younger patient to be having had kids, if you had had kids, you're going to tailor this differently to get the best response for your own hair. This is me as a late 40 year old male. Who's had three kids. I'm not planning on having any more. And what I do on a daily basis to kind of maintain my hair as much as possible.