How to Keep Your Hair Grafts Alive Out of Your Body

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How to keep your hair grafts alive. So whether you're having an FUT procedure or an fue procedure, once you remove your hair from your head, it is no longer physically connected to blood supply and nourishment. So the question for you as a patient is how do you keep the hair's alive? So this is a great question, in a sense that it's almost like an organ transplant. If your heart is being taken from your body, mean transfer to another person, hopefully it's not your heart. That means you're no longer living. How do you keep it alive? So when I look at hair transplantation, the key word here is transplantation. Even though they're small, you're still transplanting an organ. So I treat it as this. So if you were just to leave your hair outside of its body, all of the hair would dry and desiccate because it's no longer surrounded by fluid.

And the hairs are going to go into a sense, a state of shock. They're going to expend their ATP, which means the energy of the cell. And eventually those hairs are going to die and die fairly rapidly. So what do I like to store the hairs in? So there's a couple of components and products I use, and one of them is going to be called lyposomal ATP. The beautiful thing about LipoFlow some will Hep as it is used in organ transplantation. And what it's going to do is keep your hairs from expanding its own ATP, preventing them from going in that state of shock. This is critical to getting your hairs, to look as natural and as [inaudible] as they would otherwise be. If you didn't do that. The other thing I like to put in there as hypothermia cell this is another material that can help you keep your Oregon or in this case, hair follicle alive.

Both of these are going to be important to getting you to have better hair results than you normally would. So by storing the hair follicles in this medium, your hair is going to have a little bit longer prolonged shelf life. It's think of it kind of like a fertilizer for your hair. Of course you have a certain amount of time before you can place this. Obviously, if you push your hair graft or follicle in these media for two weeks, those hair grafts are probably not going to be as likely to survive. So there's a certain amount of time. And I think of it, this isn't ours, not in days when those hair grafts are going to lose its viability as well. So the real important point here though, is a lot of centers. You think big change think offices trying to save money. They don't think of these types of things. They're just going to store your hair follicles and sailing. They may not even show it. And the problem with this is you're going to have a less high, less likely to have those hair graphs take and survive. And these little details are super important. Hair graph, transplantation, every detail matters how you harvest the hair, how you store the hair and then how you implant the hair. So this is just one detail. That's critical for patients getting the best results.