Laser Cap Therapy

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Do laser caps work? This is a tough question because when you're dealing with laser caps, your day asleep, dealing with maintenance therapy and maintenance therapies are very difficult to measure and quantify because you basically, the question is, did it do anything like you're looking the same and oftentimes when we're looking at something effectiveness, we want to see if there's a difference. My thoughts on this, I think they do help. They definitely don't hurt. There's been a lot of research looking at low level light therapy. It's been a lot of research looking at red light therapy and inflammation. One of the biggest contributors to hair loss in men and women is inflammation. And if you're directly treating your hair with this powerful red light therapy and this laser, you're going to be telling your hair that, Hey, guess what? I am not in this.

I'm not in quite a stressful situation. I'm going to wrap up those mitochondria so you can work on that you know, intracellular level. So for my patients, who've used it, I think no one's grown their hair back with a laser cap and laser CapitalOne, but I've seen some patients who've maintained their hair better than a sibling who's lost their hair. And the difference being using a use of red light therapy. So if all of their factors were so much similar, so it's not a game-changer, but it's, if you're looking for that extra edge, I think it's definitely worth incorporating. Might me personally, I like a laser cap. I tried other red light therapy in my room. The problem with this red light therapy is my wife just does not tolerate red lights because he thinks it looks like it's makes your bedroom look like a bordello. Maybe that is my goal. Just joking. So I can't have red light therapy, red lights kind of going on in my bedroom. And that's typically where I'm going to have my laser cap at night when I'm reading or I'm you know, kind of doing that five, 10 minutes of unwind time. And yes, I say five, 10 minutes because it's too hard for me to do something on an every other day or three times a week basis. I need you to do something every day. Otherwise I lose that habit.