Scalp Facial and Why?

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Should I get a scalp facial and why? Scalp facials are relatively new, scalp facials. For those of you who don't know are essentially developed by the company HydraFacial and you're taking a similar technology to what they use on the face. And you're going to apply that onto your scalp. The thought process here is that with all of our shampoos and chemicals and stress and UV and skin and oil and inflammation, a lot of that resides in our scalp. So even though we're using shampoos and trying to wash this out, a lot of it doesn't get to the root and a lot of it doesn't importantly, get to the scalp. So cleaning this off, improving this and getting rid of all, this is a great foundational way to kind of,ude-stress the scalp, clarify it and get her hair looking healthier.

As the scalp is 10 is kind of like the groundwork for plants. So does it work? Do I like it? Yes, I've had a scalp facial, actually. I think I like it better than HydraFacial and that, I mean, I like them both. They're both serve different purposes, but over here I was surprised at how much oil and how much skin and how much debris came out of my scalp. Most men have oilier scalps. Most men have different kinds of hair loss in women. Most men have Androgenic Alopecia, which is that kind of the male pattern, hair loss, which typically has a lot of oil with it.