Stealth Technique

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The stealth technique. So lots of guys want to do their hair, but the biggest problem with them is having enough downtime to do a hair transplant. So that's why in our office, we do something called the stealth technique. And what we do is we leave the hair long on the top of the head. And for some of these men, we're gonna do just a small little incision in the back. The existing hair is gonna cover that. Um, I recently did a patient who was able to do this and literally was able to go back to work in two days. So this two day down to is super critical for a lot of our high performing men who just don't have enough downtime. So that stealth procedure, um, what it entitles is longer hair on the top, putting the hairs in between kind of working through there and in the back of the head really can't do a stealth procedure. If you have a like short hair, buzzed hair shaved head, and it doesn't mean the stealth procedure is right for every person, but with men with medium to longer hair, it's one of my favorite approaches and we do it on a lot of the men who come through.