The Hair Facial What the Heck Is It?

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Whereas female hair tends to be more of the stress related to hair loss, but there's been multiple causes of this. So for me, it was just fascinating how much of this debris came out of my scalp and how much cleaner it felt and how my hair just actually looked better and laid better for our female patients. I think it's just a way to restart and reset your scalp. Again, a lot of these chemicals into breeze and toxins and all these things that kind of lay into our hair, even if we're laying in a yoga mat, all of that stuff just kind of sits in there. And again, even just by cleaning out the scalp makes such a big difference in how clean things feel. This is something I think that again, there's no scientific evidence that you're going to get improved hair growth or hair results, but the overwhelming consensus from our patients who do this is this is something they're going to keep doing. And they tend to keep doing this attended to just about every three months or so. So here and the hair facial that that's where it is being termed out is I think it's something that's worth trying and see how your hair responds and feels to it. It seems to be for me, I actually, I think I like it even more than a regular facial.