The Most Underutilized Treatment for Thinning Hair

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So I'm talking about probably one of the most underutilized hair growth treatments, and that's gonna be either exosomes or p p. And the reason I say it's underutilized is because once your hair has decided it's senescent, meaning it is reached older age, it has predetermined that it's going to go white and in some cases miniaturize and die into men. And in some cases, uh, for women miniaturize and potentially die different patterns for men and women. Uh, but both men and women can have hair loss. So the best way to kind of prevent your hair from reaching that, uh, ENT or aged uh, path is to treat it before it reaches that path that is differentiated. And I think there's multiple ways to to treat that, but I think that probably the most powerful is actually injection of PRP exosomes. Um, both of those have become much more cost effective, much easier to do.

I prefer exosomes. Um, you're seeing a lot of data coming out with exosomes, um, in other areas where, um, some patients are doing IV exosomes. Um, personally I've done both p r p and exosomes and in my own here, Um, we've calculated more hair growth anecdotally with our patients. We've seen the most robust changes with exosomes versus p r p. Uh, the other benefit is you don't have to get a blood draw with, um, exosomes versus P R P. You do have to get your blood drawn. Um, and so something you look at, but I think you want to treat your hair loss before you have hair loss. You perhaps one of the best ways to do that is to reprogram your hair, to not go into the aged or ENT pathway.