The Number One Supplement For Hair Loss For Men

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So I get asked a lot which supplements is the best, uh, for hair loss and, uh, especially for men, and especially for men who don't wanna take Propecia. And so if you're looking at the number one cause of care loss for most men, and again, it's complicated hair loss. It's not just one factor that does it, but for most men, the factor that does cause care is loss is going to be, um, dht uht, which is basically a testosterone derivative. And the problem with DHT is that, um, it can create program, um, hair cells to go into this miniature vein. Cause antigen care loss. So if you had to pick one treatment, one supplement, uh, and you not using Propecia, I would pick saw palmetto. The benefit of saw palmetto me is that you're not going to have sexual side effects. It's a natural occurring, um, substance.

Um, and uh, and actually in some cases they find that it's a, um, uh, sexual stimulant. Um, and the benefit of this is again, it's going to work on a different pathway than, uh, fines, drive in blocking dht, um, readily available, readily available in multiple forms, um, through multiple, um, supplement factors. Um, and I like the supplement, um, it is found in Neal, um, which has a bunch of other supplements, um, you know, placed in it. Uh, but you can also get this supplement by itself if you don't want to have that complex of supplements.