Vitamin Toxicity

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So there's some recent controversy about excess toxicity of vitamins and its effects on hair loss. In particular, the vitamin a has been recently reported to have issues with hair loss in excess, as well as selenium. And here's the take home point here, any vitamin, particularly fat soluble vitamin, and that's going to be like vitamin a D E and K in excess can be toxic to your body. And anytime you have some toxicity you can result in having other issues, including hair loss, the other mineral trace mineral that's been found to be toxic to your hair is selenium. And this can again be true of any mineral, um, especially minerals that are harder for your body to, uh, secrete, uh, or urinate. Um, so, uh, be very careful with taking too many vitamins, but on the other hand, um, if you have a vitamin deficiency, guess what can happen? You can also have hair loss, so make sure you eat a balanced, healthy diet and be your healthiest to have that full head of hair.