Who Is Not A Candidate For ARTAS iX Site Making

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So I'm coming up with the top reasons why you should not have the ARTAS iX, do your site making if you're having it for your hair transplant. So, first of all, I think ARTAS iIX is the best way of harvesting hairs, a AKA obtaining graphs in the back of your head. For some patients, I will use the ARTAS iX for site making. And for some patients I will not. And for patients, I won't, let's talk about the one reasons I don't. So the first reason I don't use the ARTAS iX for site making is for patients who cannot shave their head. So if you have longer hair and you want to keep your hair longer, and you cannot spare that down time of saying, Hey, guess what? I have really long hair. And so this typically this is gonna be patients like female patients, patients who have longer hairstyles, men who have never shaved their head, you might not be a good candidate for ARTAS iX for site making there.

The second patient is gonna be patients who are strictly using like, um, an area like temples or the front of the hairline. The ARTAS iX for site making is super strong, uh, have to use it in the right spot. And I think in the front of the hairline, uh, that technology still isn't quite quite updated there yet. Um, the third patient are gonna be, uh, patients who want to deal mostly with the crown. And again, that's gonna be really about the shape of the head for most patients where the crown doesn't really work as well yet as say that yet. Cause I know it's a pipeline thing where it's coming down. So for if you're one of those patients where you're worried about, uh, the length of your hair, or if you're dealing with kind of the very front of your hairline or the crown, uh, you're probably not gonna be a good candidate for ARTAS site making. And then the final reason is I like in some pay patients with very limited hairs punching out or removing skin in patients. So for those patients, if you don't have a lot of, um, uh, graphs, I think the, the punch technique we use by hand is going to be another technique that's gonna preserve. Um, uh, it's gonna allow to get the most amount of results with the least amount of graphs.