Why I Like Exosomes Better Than PRP

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Why I think exosomes are better than PRP. So I get asked this question a lot. What's the best way to maintain my hair, grow, my hair. And so growing your hair and maintain your hair, and we're talking aside from a hair transplantation here, cause that doesn't actually grow your hair or maintain your hair. It actually, we redistribute your hair. So if you're actually trying to grow your hair, preserve your hair. My favorite treatment are exosomes. Let's define what exosomes are. Exosomes are intra cellular messages. They're super small. And they're kind of like little envelopes that are sent from one cell to another cell. And when you deliver these exosomes to your hair follicles, what they tell your hairs are essentially wake up, stay alive, do not become miniaturized. And for those of you who are about to die, we're going to kind of revive you and come back to life.  

We're going to compare this to PRP PRP. For those of you don't know, it is called platelet rich plasma. And the way platelet rich plasma works is your body. You have to have a blood draw. That blood is spinned. Once the blood has spin and the platelets are concentrated and inject back into your scalp and this tells your hairs, Hey, come up, come back to life as well. Cause we're going to have these growth factors that kind of try to revive your hairs. What I find is it's about a five to one ratio of PRP to exosomes, meaning you need five treatments of PRP for one treatment of exosomes. Neither one of these is going to revive someone hair had with slick bonus. But for those of you who have the beginnings of hair loss, miniaturized hair what this can do is encourage those hairs to come back. 

Exosomes, why I like him better than PRP. First of all, it's much less uncomfortable. When we inject our exosomes, there's a little bit of light of in there, and this does two things. It kind of keeps the exosomes in place from getting absorbed in the bloodstream, but also makes it a much more comfortable PRP for those you don't know is various Siddiq and it can burn. I've had my head injected with PRP multiple times and it is not for the faint of heart. Second reason. I'm like actually that was better than PRP aside is it actually is much more effective. In my opinion, the best results I've seen are exosomes. PRP really takes dedication, multiple treatments, multiple blood draws, which most of our patients don't like. The third reason I like exosomes versus PRP, I actually think it's more, cost-effective, it's slightly more cost. 

You get costly than PRP kind of on the upfront, but you're going to need a less treatments. And finally I originally like exosomes is it doesn't have to be an all or none. Meaning you can do parts of an exorcism treatment. You can do a full vial, a half bile, a third of a vile. And we have these things called mini Xs, which are great for patients who are coming in, who have one area that bothered them in a lot of our female patients is going to be in that classic Christmas tree pattern, right by their part for some men it's going to be in the crown or the back of the head top of the head where they're noticing that hair loss. If you don't have to do the full head, you can do part of the head and save significantly more money.