Why Recipient Sites Are One of the Most Important Factors?

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Recipient sites, why this matters more than you think. So when you go to a hair surgeon, one of the things you're wondering is what does the hair surgeons experience? What is this team's experience? How do they harvest hair? But perhaps one of the most critical elements is the recipient sites. The recipient sites is how each individual hair is going to be directed and how it's, where it's going to be located in some places, believe it or not, the hair surgeon doesn't make a single hair recipient site. This is against the code of ethics for the American board of hair surgery and the international board of hair surgeons and basically any society. So in my opinion, every hair site should be made either by the surgeon or with the surgeon supervision for us to do this. You really need to have a couple of qualified doctors to do this.

And in my practice, it's me and Dr. Sameea both of us work together. And both of us are super passionate about hair. And if the details about here that really get us excited. So when you're talking about the difference between quality hair , recipient sites, and sort of just throwing her oversights on there, a lot of it's in the details, this is going to be the direction of the hair is, is the angle of the hair proper as it just popping straight up. So it can be a giveaway for hair. Grafts are the hair sites, are they following the natural direction of the hair fibers as it curves into the temple? Are the hair sites following your natural world into your crown? Are they creating a volumetric difference or are they just sort of laying flat or they obviously placed. And where are you putting grafts that have more than one hair graft in it versus the single hair grafts? So for us, this is a super intricate part of our design process. Something we take very seriously. If you're having your hair done, you need to be notice, Hey, I just saw the doctor once and I never saw him after that. You probably had a technician making your hair sights, and it might be one of the reasons why you may not be happy with your hair transplant results.