Will I Be Satisfied After One Hair Transplant?

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Will my patients be satisfied after one hair transplant. And I believe the majority of my patients who do their hair transplant are happy with one procedure. However, if you look at the data from patients, most men who do one hair transplant are going to do another hair transplant. At some time, there's going to be a progression of hair loss. That's going to occur even with the most strictest of here preservation approaches. And even in my own hair, I did a hair transplant three or four years ago, and I needed another one because despite me getting exosomes, which treated my crown and the top of my head grade, despite me taking a low dose of Propecia and Nutrafol and a laser cap, which again was treated the top of my head and the crown perfectly, my front of my hair was just not stable enough to hold on to my existing hairs.

So that's why I needed an additional hair transplant, which is common for some of our men patients. So most men in their lifetime are going to do between one to three hair transplants. Most men will be happy after one hair transplant in my practice. Although some men just want more and more hair and thicker and thicker hair. And they're so happy with what they received with the first treatment is the one additional treatment. So everyone's different, but in our practice, we want to do what's safe and provide all the hairs that we transplant. They're going to get the most amount of blood supply and have the least amount of hairs that are going to, um, not survive as a due to, uh, vascular issues.