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Hair cloning is a fairly new technique currently being researched in different countries around the globe. We see new technology and approaches introduced as more and more people begin to suffer from hair loss. To perform a hair cloning treatment, a surgeon must extract hair follicle cells from the patient's scalp (or donor area) and clone them in vitro. They later return the healthy cells to the recipient area, which encourages the hair to grow naturally. After successfully cloning and placing the hair, the results may be long-lasting. However, some researchers have pointed out that the multiplication of the cells that takes place during hair cloning could potentially lead to cancer.

The FDA will not approve hair cloning until the risk for cancer decreases. Until then, our team at Aesthetic Scalp in Chicago is pleased to offer patients several natural and noninvasive hair restoration options. Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Anil Shah and board-certified physician Dr. Sameea Chughtai make a point to stay at the forefront of all of the recent developments within the hair restoration industry. While hair cloning may be a wonderful alternative in the future, our other modern solutions are able to produce stunning, natural results as well. These include:

  • PRP hair therapy
  • Exosomes therapy
  • Low-level light therapy
  • Robotic hair transplant surgery with ARTAS®
  • Forehead reduction
  • Eyebrow transplant surgery
  • Oral and topical medications
  • Scalp micropigmentation

Many of these treatments can even be effectively combined for comprehensive results.

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