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Forehead reduction is a procedure where the forehead is reduced. Typically, the patient is female with an overly long forehead. Many times the brows are slightly lower than ideal so a combination of forehead reduction and brow lifting occurs.

At Aesthetic Scalp, our board-certified doctors are pleased to offer a range of treatments that can be performed by themselves or alongside other services to produce stunning results for hair loss patients. One of the surgical procedures we perform at our Chicago office is forehead reduction. Forehead reductions decrease the amount of bare skin visible on the forehead and are especially useful for women with high hairlines, which can be caused by genetics or past plastic surgery procedures, such as facelifts or brow lifts. Also called hairline lowering, this technique uses follicle replacement to create a smaller, more proportionate forehead. Double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Anil Shah performs this surgery with great care. With his years of surgical expertise and skills, he is able to position and angle the follicles to replicate a natural-looking hairline.


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Ideal candidates for forehead reduction surgery are typically women who have larger foreheads that they would like addressed. Sometimes men can qualify for the surgery as well, but this is highly dependent on the state of their hairline and their potential for hair loss in the future. In order to fully determine whether forehead surgery is right for you and your goals, you will first need to attend a one-on-one consultation with our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Anil Shah. During this appointment, he will gauge the size of your forehead, check the quality of your hairline, and create a personalized treatment plan for you.


Typically, forehead reduction surgery is completed using a trichophytic incision, or an incision that sits slightly in front of the hair. Dr. Shah then removes a small portion of the skin and uses advanced surgical techniques to pull the scalp forward. Patients with tight scalps may require a less invasive forehead reduction than those with very mobile scalps. For those with low-set eyebrows, we can lift the brows to the desired height. We then precisely close the incisions. We often combine forehead reduction surgery with hair transplantation to conceal the scar and further enhance the appearance of the hairline. Your surgery may take place in an office setting or in a formal, accredited surgical suite. Typically, the hair transplant portion of the procedure takes place at a different setting to increase the chance of the hair grafts' survival.

Technical Features

Reverse Bevel Technique
Here the bevel of the hair is adjusted to allow the hair to grow through the incision. The technique allows when hairs grow completely nearly universal hair coverage.

Suture Technique

Minimization of scar formation by having sutures tied on the hair bearing surface. He uses a final layer of a special tissue glue to minimize micro widening of the scar which can lead to an unfavorable advantage.

Scar Design
The single biggest mistake is a straight line scar closure. patients hair lines naturally have slight waviness to it as well as most female patients have a slight widow's peak.

Complete Galeal Release
Complete release of the galea allows for further advancement of the hair and allows the hair to be lowered to significant standards.


1- He is an award winning facial plastic surgeon who has been in practice for over 15 years
2- He can perform hair transplant surgery if necessary for further reduction at a future date
3- Can perform the procedure with minimal sedation to allow for faster recuperation
4- A series of lasers to help the scar heal well as well as regenerative techniques to help improve the scar appearance.


Can Men Have This Procedure?
Most men are NOT candidates since future hair loss can make scar lines potentially visible. This technique is ideal for women and not a good choice for most men

Will My Scars Be Visible?
It is never a guarantee on scar appearance. Some patients will heal better than others and for some patients with large changes there may be a larger risk for scar widening. Transplantation and scar revision are options for patients.

Why Do Female Foreheads Get Longer With Time?
Some attribute this to tight ponytails causing traction alopecia of the frontal hairlines. Genetic predisposition also plays a role as some patients will be born with longer foreheads.

Should I Do A Forehead Reduction Or Hair Transplant First?
Forehead reduction should be done first, as to avoid damage to newly transplanted grafts. In addition, forehead grafts can be used for improved scar concealment.

Can younger men get forehead reduction surgery?
Forehead reduction for men should always take into consideration the patient's age and their future potential hair loss. Almost all men will continue to lose hair over time, and a thorough understanding should be obtained prior to this. Dr. Shah reduces brow bones through either a scalp or hairline incision, so this would not necessarily be advantageous for younger men.

What is the recovery period?
Typically, healing from forehead reduction surgery involves swelling along the forehead and scalp, as well as some bruising. We usually advise patients to take at least 3 – 7 days to recover fully before returning to their typical daily routines. If you experience any discomfort after your treatment, we can address this with prescription or over-the-counter pain medication.

Can I loosen a tight scalp?
Some patients attempt to mobilize the scalp by doing exercises and manually moving their scalp. This can help some patients improve their mobility to a limited degree.


While there is nothing wrong with having a large forehead, it can lead some people to feel self-conscious and go to great measures to hide it, such as choosing strategic hairstyles that conceal the area. However, owing to recent hair restoration and cosmetic techniques, patients no longer have to settle for having a large forehead or high hairline. Our team at Aesthetic Scalp in Chicago, IL is pleased to offer a range of innovative treatments to help you achieve the hair fullness and look you desire. Contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Shah to learn more.

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