Chicago, IL | Post-Op Instructions Part 7 - Home the Day of the Procedure| Aesthetic Scalp

You are now home the day of the procedure. At this time, you: 1) Will take pain medication. Local anesthesia will wear off and may give you a headache or nose ache. 2) Take antibiotics in the evening. They gave you antibiotics via IV during the surgery. 3) Best way to remember on how to care for your nose after surgery is with the RICE pneumonic. RICE REST- more activity will increase blood pressure and swelling ICE- Apply ice - critical in the first 3 days- if someone can apply ice throughout the night will make a big difference in swelling and bruising. More applying, less swelling. COMPRESSION - Cast is applying compression to nose ELEVATION - Sleep with head elevated 4) Apply ointment and hydrogen peroxide to incision. This has an antibacterial effect and removes blood. 5) Change dressing under the nose, if necessary. 6) Sneeze with your mouth open and don't blow your nose. Use saline.