Chicago, IL | Pre-Op Instructions Part 5 - The Morning of Your Procedure | Aesthetic Scalp

It's the morning of your procedure. You will want to: 1) Arrive on time or early for your surgery. This is not like a doctor's appointment. Your surgery is scheduled and is followed by other procedures. Do take inclimate weather and traffic into account when coming in. 2)Bring your ID with you. Also bring your insurance card, if applicable, as well. You will also want to bring your credit card, as well, if there are any fees at the surgery center. 3) Make sure you have your ride/caretaker with you or at least your ride/caretaker's contact information with you. 4) Wash your face with unscented antibacterial soap in the morning. 5) Do not wear makeup to the procedure. If we have to remove makeup, it will waste time. 6) Remove all jewelry and/or piercings before your procedure. 7) Do not bring any valuables with you. They will just be stored in a locker in the surgery center. There is no point in bringing them with you. 8) Shave if you normally shave. 9) If you have medications that you are required to take, i.e. blood pressure medication, you can take it with a sip of water, but let us know of any medications you are taking beforehand. 10) Do not chew gum or lozenges before the procedure.