Chicago, IL | Nasal Hump Removal: What is a Nasal Hump? | Aesthetic Scalp

Today, I will be talking about nasal humps. Now nasal humps are also known as the "Dorsal Hump." A nasal hump consists of two types of material, either bony hump or cartilaginous to hump. Today we're going to be focusing on the cartilaginous hump. Now the cartilaginous hump is not just cartilage. It's actually composed of septal cartilage and upper lateral cartilage. It's important for surgeons and patients alike to recognize the importance of this cartilage and how it interacts with the body. The upper lateral cartilage and the septum intersect and where they intersect is something called the internal nasal valve. If this valve is too narrow, for some patients, that means that their breathing can be compromised. If this area looks too wide, on the other hand, patients can have aesthetic issues, so surgeons have to balance the aesthetics with the function of the nose when taking down a nasal hump.