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Tired of Penciling in Your Brows? Try Eyebrow Transplant Surgery


Many people change their eyebrows through waxing or plucking. If your eyebrows are too thin, an eyebrow transplant achieves the fuller brows you want.


How Is A Robotic Hair Transplant Performed?


Balding and thinning hair can take a toll on your self-confidence. Learn about robotic hair restoration through follicular unit extraction (FUE).


Can Hair Transplant Surgery Restore Thinning Hair?


Thinning or balding hair can lead to feelings of embarrassment or frustration. FUE and FUT are methods of hair restoration that offer natural results.


Hair Restoration Shampoos: What Works?


So you're losing your hair and reading countless reviews on Amazon looking for “miracle grow in a bottle” to cause hair growth. So what really works?


Best of the Best: Deciding Between PRP, PRFM, or Exosomes


What is the difference between PRP, PRFM and Exosomes? Read on to learn more.


X-Marks the Spot: Mini X Exosomes Treatment Now At Aesthetic Scalp


One of the hottest treatments in hair restoration today is exosomes. Click here to read more about this innovative treatment.


Top 5 Reasons Your Hair Transplant Procedure Didn't Work


Many patients who receive a hair transplant get mediocre results. Let’s talk about the top 5 reasons why hair transplants fail.


Learn More about Asian Hair Loss

Dr. Sameea, who is of Asian descent, understands the specifics of the Asian hair follicle. Hear more from our expert on this issue.


Learn More About Female Hair Loss

Many women mistakenly suspect they are the only ones who experience hair thinning and loss, but it happens to women, too. Learn more about this issue.


Learn More About Genetic Hair Loss

Explore the issue of hair thinning and balding and how it is typically a result of genetics.


Learn More About Hair Cloning

Hair cloning is a method that is currently being researched, but here is what we know...


Learn More About Indian Hair Loss

Dr. Shah, who is of Indian descent understands the complexity of the Indian hair follicles.


Learn More About Temporal Hair Loss

The first sign of hair loss can be the temples for many men leading to a receding hairline.


Learn More About Male Hair Loss

Discover the most common cause of hair loss in men and various treatment options.


Low Level Light Therapy Treatment

We offer an option of taking the in-office laser treatment to the comfort of your own home with the LaserCap!


PRP, Stem Cell & Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Explore your options with PRP, Stem Cell & Scalp Micro-pigmentation


Regenerative Medicine and Hair Transplantation

One of the hottest fields in all of medicine is regenerative medicine. The field is based on the ability to regenerate tissue. Learn more...


The ARTAS 9X Upgrade at Aesthetic Scalp

Want to learn about the latest technological advancement available at Aesthetic Scalp? Read more.


Learn More About the FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) is a method of surgical hair transplant that is gaining popularity... but is it right for you?


All About Exosome Treatments

Exosomes are becoming an extremely hot topic in the area of regenerative medicine and in particular for hair.