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Why Choose a Hair Transplant and Restoration with Aesthetic Scalp in Chicago, IL?

Our team at Aesthetic Scalp believes the best hair transplant procedure is one which restores your hair naturally and safely. In our downtown Chicago, IL office, we use the latest hair transplantation techniques including the ARTAS robot as well as other restoration combinations such as growth factors, PRP, and exosomes. While Dr. Shah focuses on the surgical aspects of hair transplantation, Dr. Chughtai provides medical background on hair growth and uses her specialized skills in hair restoration. We are the only practice in Chicago with an ARTAS robot for hair transplantation, the only team who use a specialized site that reduces scalp while implanting hairs, and the first practice to offer exosomes and PRP in Chicago. Since we are focused on you the patient and your hair, we also only do 1 hair transplantation procedure a day, making your hair our central focus.

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Hair Loss

People of any age, gender, and ethnic background can experience hair loss for a wide range of reasons. Everything from your genetics and lifestyle choices to your stress levels to hormone changes could cause thinning or balding throughout your scalp. Whether you've noticed a receding hairline, a deepened widow's peak, patchy spots throughout your scalp, or entirely bare areas where hair used to be, our board-certified team of doctors have the technology and technical know-how to restore the quality and quantity of your hair!

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Surgical Treatments

At Aesthetic Scalp in Chicago, IL, Drs. Anil Shah and Sameea Chughtai offer several surgical hair restoration techniques to improve your hair growth and replace damaged or lost follicles throughout your scalp. Some of our most popular surgical services include follicular unit extraction (FUE) with the ARTASĀ® Robotic Hair Transplant system, eyebrow transplant surgery, and forehead reduction.

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"Great discovery First did a free virtual consult with Dr. Shah over Instagram (between 4:30-7:00pm). Then they sent a quote for the exosome therapy we discussed immediately after the call (therapy package for three treatments, which seemed reasonably priced based on my research). Nice downtown office in the same building as the Ritz Carlton (video instructions on website make it easy to find). Parking in the building (they validate so it's $19 instead of the $35 it would have been otherwise). Staff are very professional and personable. Dr. Shah was exceptional. We further discussed my hair situation, what I had been doing, and what I could be doing. He provided lots of useful information. Not rushed at all. The treatment itself was probably less than two minutes. A nurse cleaned my head before Shah came in to inject the exosomes. Some bleeding, but I still barely noticed the pinch since we were talking. Next treatment is in six weeks. Definitely looking forward to the results."



"Great experience. Especially liked how friendly Dr. Shah was and the attentive staff."



"He is the best!!!!!!! and sooo funnyyyy"



"Had a great experience visiting Aesthetic Scalp."



"Great place , had what exactly what I was looking for at the time . The aestheticians there are pleasant. Shout out to Mary Kate for being awesome ! ! Thanks guys"




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Medical Treatments for Hair Restoration

Our premier center for hair restoration also features a range of nonsurgical, minimally invasive treatments that can be paired with hair restoration surgeries, like FUE and eyebrow transplants. At our Chicago, IL practice, we use holistic, regenerative, naturally derived techniques that stimulate follicle strengthening and hair growth. Some of our medical treatments include exosome therapy, low-level light therapy, and a range of oral medications and topical solutions.

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Meet Our Chicago, IL Hair Transplant & Restoration Specialists

Our Chicago office is headed by double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Anil Shah and board-certified physician Dr. Sameea Chughtai. At Aesthetic Scalp, patients receive the benefit of being treated by two doctors who have years of experience in the field of hair transplant and restoration treatments, including FUE and FUT surgery. Both of our specialists have dealt with hair loss in the past so they both harbor a unique level of compassion for each patient who visits our Chicago, IL facility. Combining their years of medical know-how and unique talent, Drs. Shah and Chughtai are able to provide patients with a comprehensive experience and stunning results that may last for many years.

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