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Episode 16: Hair Extensions w/ The Chicago Extension Twins

Dr. Anil Shah | 12/28/2021

Dari and Aretta are the owners of the Chicago Extension Twins, we're gonna pick their minds about all things hair extensions.


From Limited to Limitless: A Patient’s Hair Restoration Journey

Dr. Anil Shah | 12/27/2021

I'm so glad that this patient shared his results. He's been a dear friend of mine and with my practice for more than a decade.


Does the Head Need to be Shaved for Robotic Hair Transplantation?

Our Team | 10/09/2021

A robotic hair transplant can help with thinning hair. Read about this form of hair restoration and whether your head should be shaved beforehand.


Dr. Shah’s Hair Routine To Maintain Healthy Hair

Dr. Anil Shah | 10/06/2021

I update my hair routine from time to time and this is my current routine to keep my hair healthy. Read on to learn more!


Did Lewis Hamilton Get a Hair Transplant?

Dr. Anil Shah | 10/05/2021

Lewis has claimed in interviews that he has sought help and takes medications to help him achieve his hair goal.


PRP, PRFM, Exosomes: Do Regenerative Medicines Work?

Dr. Anil Shah | 10/04/2021

if you're thinking about doing PRP, this is a journey and we got to get enough PRP in you to see the improvement and hair loss and hair growth.


Female Hair Transplantation: Thoughts From Expert Hair Transplant Surgeons

Dr. Anil Shah | 10/01/2021

Now that that's a trickier question because there's so many causes of hair loss and just like men, it's an easier solution.


Dense Packing During A Hair Transplant: What Should You Do?

Dr. Anil Shah | 09/30/2021

To give each hair a proper opportunity to survive, you have to have enough blood supply.


When Can I Get Another Transplant Following My Previous Transplant?

Dr. Anil Shah | 09/29/2021

A lot of our patients when they do hair, a certain number of them want to do more hair.


How Soon Will I See Hair Growth After Hair Transplant?

Dr. Anil Shah | 09/28/2021

Should I worry if I don't see hair growth?


When Can I Wash My Hair After A Hair Transplant?

Dr. Anil Shah | 09/27/2021

When do you feel safe with them washing their hair full on shower?


Minoxidil: Does It Work?

Dr. Anil Shah | 09/24/2021

It's a good place to start because the side effect profile is so minimal.


Keeping Your Hair and Libido While Taking Finasteride

Dr. Anil Shah | 09/23/2021

What do you have your patients do for libido to counteract that?


What Non-Surgical Medicine Works for Hair Loss?

Dr. Anil Shah | 09/22/2021

What non-surgical medicines works for hair loss according to the hair experts?


Specialized Surgeon v A "Chain"

Dr. Anil Shah | 09/21/2021

Seeing a specialized facial plastic surgeon v. a “chain” for hair transplant.


Scar Visibility

Dr. Anil Shah | 09/20/2021

When is it best to use FUE v. FUT and how to minimizing downtime?



Dr. Anil Shah | 09/17/2021

What is the ideal amount of grafts that can be harvested for a hair transplant?


Does Exosomes Therapy Work for People With Balding Hair?


Hair loss can make people feel self-conscious about their looks. Exosomes therapy is a new hair growth treatment for individuals with balding hair.


FUT: The Importance of Being A Facial Plastic Surgeon For Hair Transplant

Dr. Anil Shah | 09/16/2021

Let's talk about the facial plastic surgeon background for hair transplants.


How is Genetic Hair Loss Identified?


Some people experience genetic hair loss early in life. Options like follicular unit extraction can give you a fuller and more satisfying hairline.