Masters of Beauty Podcast


Masters of Beauty Podcast


Masters of Beauty is a podcast series that discusses topics in the world of health, wellness and beauty. We sit down with industry leaders and professionals to get their take on the beautiful world around us. Masters of Beauty is a free online podcasts that is available everywhere you listen to podcasts!

One of our biggest topics of Masters of Beauty is hair health, science, and technology. Below we will provide you with our favorite hair related podcasts! Topics include: hair transplants with ARTAS Robotics, low level light therapy with Lasercap, and many more! To Listen to ALL of our health and beauty podcasts click here!

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Episode 16: Hair Extensions w/ The Chicago Extension Twins

In this latest episode of “Masters of Beauty,” Dr. Anil Shah speaks to the owners of Chicago Extension Twins Hair Extension Salon. Daria and Areta are the owners of “Chicago Extension Twins Hair Salon”. These identical twins are the most sought-after hair extension experts in the Chicagoland area. With over 27 years of experience between them, they have been trained extensively in the art of hair extensions and are experts in fusion, tape-ins, and microlink extension techniques. In this podcast, Dr. Shah, Daria, and Areta speak on the benefits of hair extensions when it comes to women suffering from hair loss and maintaining the hair they have.

Episode 06: Robotic Hair Restoration : A Conversation with ARTAS Restoration Robotics

In this Episode, I have a conversation with Oggie Petrovich and Eric Selvik of ARTAS Restoration Robotics. ARTAS is the only robotic in the aesthetic field. Combining state of the art technology and the science of hair restoration; ARTAS has redefined given men and women the hair and confidence they deserve. We talk about How ARTAS Restoration Robotics started and the future of hair transplantation. You don’t want to miss this informative discussion with the leaders in hair restoration technology.

Episode 05: Hair Wellness: The Natural Way with Roland Peralta, The Founder of Nutrafol

In this episode I have a conversation with Roland Peralta of Nutrafol. Nutrafol is the Nutraceutical wellness company that is addressing hair and body wellness. Roland talks about his own battle with rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid cancer, losing his hair in the process, and discovering natural ways to treat his symptoms and hair loss.

Episode 04: Lasercap Hair Growth with Creator Michael Rabin

Today we sit down with Dr. Michael Rabin the Co-Founder of LaserCap. LaserCap uses a treatment known as low-level light therapy in which skin is exposed to low amounts of light that will penetrate through to the surface of the scalp and stimulate the hair follicle beneath!

Episode 03: Hair Redesigning with Award Winning Hair Stylist Jose Shnekednburger

I sit down with award-winning hairstylist and owner of Locked & Loaded, Jose Schnekenburger. Together, they discuss tips and tricks of styling hair for both men and women and how observing the patient / client before starting with styling or hair restoration can often yield the best results.

Episode 02: Creating Beauty with Makeup and Aesthetics with Makeup Artist, Ranen Atieh

In this episode, Dr. Anil Shah sits down with professional Makeup Artist, Ranen Atieh. Ranen has been doing makeup for 20 years and doubles as one of Dr. Shah's aestheticians. Together, Dr. Shah and Ranen take a look at how makeup and the field of aesthetics are tied together and are being used to create visual changes in the faces of our patients. Some topics they cover are treating under eye darkness, wrinkles, puffiness around the eyes, appearance of the nose, cheekbones, and fuller lips.

Episode 01: Dressing Your Best With World Renowned Fashionista, Eric Himel

In this podcast, Dr. Anil Shah sits down with world-renowned fashionista, Eric Himel, to discuss how looking and feeling your best works in both worlds of fashion and aesthetic surgery. Eric Himel is a TV personality, fashion expert and celebrity stylist that is known for his expertise in the industry. He has been featured on such networks as The Style Network, E!, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, TMZ, Lifetime and more, as well as top magazines such as Elle, InStyle, The New York Times, Interview, Flaunt, Refinery29, People, Us, GQ, The LA Times, Real Simple, The Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping, Travel & Leisure, Forbes, First For Women, Los Angeles Fashion Magazine, The New York Post, Miami Living, Chicago Baby, CS, The Atlantan, Michigan Avenue Magazine and The Chicago Tribune.