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Hair loss can be a common occurrence in not just men, but women as well. For that reason, Aesthetic Scalp is dedicated to ensuring our patients can always feel comfortable in the current state of their hairline. We offer several treatments for male hair loss, female hair loss, genetic hair loss, temple hair loss, Asian hair loss, and Indian hair loss. Additionally, we can perform hair cloning to replenish any lost volume in the hair of our patients. Contact our office in Chicago, IL today to learn what Dr. Anil Shah and Dr. Sameea Chughtai can do for you.

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Male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) is a commonly occurring condition that can affect the majority of men and can be addressed several ways.

Even though hair loss is most prevalent in men, roughly one in four women can also experience hair thinning and baldness throughout their lives.

Genetic hair loss goes by many names and is the most common cause of balding among men and women, affecting up to 40% of adults in their later years.

Even though Asian hair is thought to be the most resilient of all hair types, people of Asian descent may still experience balding or thinning hair.

Among Asian cultures, hair loss is the most prevalent in those of Indian descent due to a number of hereditary, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

Hair loss at or around the temples can be an early sign of hereditary-pattern baldness in men or can develop due to traction alopecia or other issues.

A method still in its infancy, hair cloning is a highly precise technique that is being researched and tested throughout various parts of the world.